Monday, April 15, 2013

Kindergarten Music Time

Spring is such a wonderful time in the Kindergarten Music Room! The children skills are really starting to develop, and we get to make some beautiful sounds together. Here Student Teacher Miss Fish is leading a drum exploration with Stormy Day in Mrs. Nicholson's class.

Mrs. Nicholson's Class playing drums

The next clip is of Mrs. Grantham's class showing the beat on a beat sheet for Hey Betty Martin.

Mrs. Grantham's class with beat sheets

In the next clip, Mrs. Frank's class is working on the steady beat on barred instruments to accompany Wake Me, Shake Me.

Mrs. Frank's Class playing barred instruments

The children are really enjoying Miss Fish's teaching time with us. She is finishing her "head teaching" this week, so we'll go back to team teaching next week. It's been fun to have her with us for two months. We'll miss her when she has to leave at the end of April!