Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Second Graders Play Instruments

Last week we took one of our concert pieces a bit further. These are links video clips of students playing an instrumental version of the ostinato pattern with Alligator Elevator. Mrs McAlexander's class video shows our student teacher, Miss Fish, leading the class.

Mrs. McAlexander's Class playing Alligator Elevator

Mrs. Case's Class playing Alligator Elevator

This week we moved on to work with the keyboards. So far Mrs. Gutshall's and Mrs. Lindeman's classes have played their first song on the black keys beautifully! Unfortunately, since we had early dismissal for conferences, Mrs. Case's and Mrs. McAlexander's classes will have to wait until next week.)

Next we move on to playing keyboard accompaniments, and soon they'll be on to playing melodies. It's an exciting time in the second grade music room!