Thursday, September 18, 2014

Community Singing

We're just finishing our first unit of the year: community singing and choir. We had interesting discussions about when people get together to sing and why.

Students spent time improving their voices with activities like matching pitch (singing in tune), listening to the rest of the ensemble (blend), and warm-up exercises to stretch the range and strengthen breathing muscles. It's been an interesting journey—complete with  giggles—but the improvement in sound and singing ability has been phenomenal!

It's fun looking forward to possibilities for community singing during the school year. This week is a great example when we can sing the Titan Fight Song! Here are the words:

Titans, Titans, all cheer for thee.
To our colors loyal are we.
Strong, united, victorious to be.
Rah! rah! rah! for SCC!
Titan, Titan loyalty!
Onward to victory!

Here are some of our youngest Titan fans!

Mrs. Henely's first graders singing the Titan Fight Song

Mrs. Hucka's first graders singing the Titan Fight Song

Mrs. Grantham's kindergarteners singing the Titan Fight Song