Sunday, May 19, 2013

SCC Elementary Titan Singers attend KIDZSING Festival in Sioux City

Performing Hope for Resolution with Paul Caldwell conducting.

“Awesome!” “ Wonderful!” “ Fun!” “Can we come again next year?”

These were comments from the SCC Titan Singers after the day of rehearsals for the KIDZSING Festival in Sioux City on Saturday, May 18. The Siouxland Children’s Choir hosted the festival at the First Presbyterian Church in Sioux City with guest composer/conductors Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory from southern Michigan and the Chicago area. You can find out more about them at their website.

Encore performance of Little David, Play on Your Harp after a standing ovation. Sean Ivory conducting and Paul Caldwell joining the trap set drummer on the djembe. The audience was standing and clapping along.

The closing concert was fantastic, with a full house, standing ovation and an encore performance.  Besides the Cadet Choir and the Concert Choir from the Siouxland Children’s Choirs, two other choirs attended: the East Middle Choir from Sioux City and a group from the Heartland Children’s Choir of Des Moines. SCC was represented by seven singers from the Titan Singers, so we didn’t perform alone on the program, and we were the youngest group with six third graders and one fourth grader. One other group contained fourth grade singers, but the others were middle school age.

Practicing with Sean Ivory.

“Please tell them how proud of them I was and how hard they worked.” That was the comment from Paul Caldwell after the concert as I left the church. He said he enjoyed working on technique with the SCC singers during our half hour afternoon clinic.

The children grew immensely in their performing ability and in their knowledge of how music works. It was a long day, and a great deal of hard work preparing them to perform music a bit beyond their capabilities, but it was worth every moment of effort to see the joy in their faces during the final performance! Hopefully next year we can take the whole choir!

Hanging out during break time at the Sioux City Public Museum.