Friday, February 15, 2013

Time to play the Barred Instruments!

It's that time of year again to play one of the kids' favorite instruments in the music room . . . the barred instruments.

Here's a bit of background information. Sometimes they're called Orff instruments, because Carl Orff (a music teacher in Germany) found the idea on a visit to Africa and had them designed for his students in the mid 1900s. Since then they've spread all over the world. They're a wonderful tool for teaching accompaniment and working on melody playing. They really let students hear what's going on in the music—and they're fun to play!

Here's a short video that explains their names.

Intro to barred instruments

First Graders have been working on accompaniments (come to the concert on March 11 to see their amazing work!) and soon will be playing 3-note melodies.

The Second Grade Class worked on 5-note melodies but they're not ready to share them at their concert. Check in later and hopefully we can post student performance video.